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Trinity strives to maintain the highest caliber of pre-hospital providers. Our goal is to assess and hire candidates who will have the best chances of being successful and who will go on to have long and prosperous careers at Trinity. To assist you with your upcoming assessment, please review the following information and recommendations:

1. Prepare for the assessment as far in advance as possible
The assessment is designed to give us a broad snapshot of your overall level of performance by evaluating you in multiple areas. Candidates who have spent little time preparing typically do not perform as well as those who have.

2. Study
Whether you have been out of school for a while or just recently, we strongly suggest all candidates review and study the most current Massachusetts Statewide Treatment Protocals.

3. Practice your hands-on skills
Visit the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians website and download their patient assessment evaluation forms. Our assessments are scored in close alignment with National Registry standards. Once you have reviewed the forms, practice your assessments and treatments, focusing on trauma patient assessments.

4. Prepare and practice panel interviews
There are a multitude of resources available online that will assist you in performing well during a standard panel interview. We also recommend practicing interviews with a group of your peers. Have them provide specific feedback on ways you might improve.

5. Conduct yourself in a professional manner throughout the day
Your timeliness, appearance, manner of conduct and overall affect will be noted from the moment you arrive.

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