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Access to state-of-the art equipment and rapid, accurate communication are the most critical concerns of an emergency medical transportation provider. At Trinity, we believe in the power of technology and are heavily invested in the most advanced equipment and systems enabling us to provide the highest quality care for our patients.

Our Command Center is supported by ProQA software which is relied on by over 2,000 call centers worldwide. This allows standardized and measurable emergency call taking and the ability to assist callers with CPR, childbirth, medication and more. We also utilize ZOLL Dispatch Pro, an advanced system that automatically tracks data from past calls, monitors traffic patterns and reroutes vehicles if necessary. Trinity and its municipal 911 clients also use technology from First Watch to monitor staff performance and help identify ways to improve response time and save even more lives.

Getac V110 Laptop Computer
Each Trinity vehicle is equipped with this rugged laptop. This technology allows Trinity to maintain a wireless connection to each vehicle and supply each ambulance with critical information like real-time directions, patient information and call updates. Equipped with a complete patient database, crews can input data directly, which saves time and eliminates human error. All information is housed in a secure database, ensuring Trinity's compliance with HIPPA policies for patient confidentiality.

AutoPulse Non-Invasive Cardiac Support Pump
This revolutionary non-invasive cardiac support pump gives victims of Sudden Cardiac Arrest more consistent, high-quality compressions than those delivered manually or by simple automated CPR devices. It also allows rescuers to provide compressions while performing other lifesaving procedures.

Flight 60 Portable Ventilator
The Flight 60 high end portable ventilator is equipped with the most advanced monitoring capabilities and provides continuous optimal care for every patient.

X Series Monitor/Defibrillator
Based on a platform designed for the military, this powerful device provides clinically superior therapeutic capabilities with advanced monitoring to provide optimal CPR support.

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